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azalea and bee

Ryerson Valley is a place in my mind...

Ryerson Valley is a combination of two places; it's a Lake Erie Island in the middle of the Mojave Desert (specfically the Panamint Valley in Death Valley National Park). I created this space in my mind because it combines the two places in the U.S. that speak deeply to my soul...and because it's an interesting and unusual brand name. I doubt I'll have competition for this space in my mind!

Ryerson Valley is an imaginary place, so it might be full of tigers AND dolphins AND opossums and the weather might just always be a perfectly sunny day, but chilly enough for a hoodie but not too cold.

Ryerson Valley is also home to my business ventures and thought catalogues; my YouTube channel where I hope to document the urban homestead and zero waste household I'm building in NEOhio; my medium blog where I may write about the same things or I may venture into personal territory; my photography portfolio - where I hope to create a very trans-forward business that honors and uplifts the trans community above all else.

Ryerson Valley is my place, created by me, and it can evolve and change as I do.

And this website is a hot ass mess because I'm determined to build it FROM SCRATCH! The world has changed since the last time I built a website, so it's gonna take some work to get it going again!

-Fenna Blue
(reigning monarch and CEO of Ryerson Valley)
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